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Feb 28, 2014 3:00am PST
john kerry has said he still looks good israel and the palestinians to agree on the framework three peace deal by lay people with any final deal could take an additional nine months or more. carrie brought the two sides together back in july after a three year cap originally anticipated the final agreement being reached after nine months while us officials have not revealed what might you into a framework is likely to include the possible outcomes on key issues such as borders security palestinian refugees and the status of jerusalem despite a little progress made kerry says he remains committed and determined to reach a deal is in the region more than a dozen times since july. recently both sides have softened their stance is while doubting the effectiveness of the us secretaries efforts kerry recently came in for heavy criticism from israeli politician some accusing him of being an anti semite trucking kerry to suddenly rediscovered his jewish roots recruiting his brother tribute to the israelis that his great uncle was a holocaust victim i had the right notes not much for him on
Mar 6, 2014 3:00am PST
catapult the talks described as taught by kerry broke up without agreement. tensions have been simmering in ukraine's crimean peninsula to ukraine in naval ships built the wall since about the pope of the fire. russian warships from the air remains annexed by the russian mitre ukrainian security and defence counsel teeth on a trip to reclaiming the strategic cricket eritrea is set to be more to keep the russian invasion is due to the east and south ukraine in scorching protest the recap. the misfits the headquarters of the city and through the russian flag from its roof and it came just now was up to kiev. both teams managed to fly to right in front of the donetsk sixteen more widely read has since been taking place in the east ukraine into the city . i am the owner can use on him more. you can do it the eye. each step. it all deep. be you. foreign correspondents gathered outside the police institute in cairo as the second day of the trial of a group of journalists working for international broadcaster of the sierra got underway coming from bebop era muhammad all shiny and pete
Mar 4, 2014 3:00am PST
former president viktor yanukovich fled to russia. us secretary of state john kerry meanwhile has departed washington for urgent talks in kiev. us officials have said all options are on the table and the european union has threatened russia with sanctioned much russian troops are returned to their barracks before march six moscow's united nations envoy said on march. third that ukraine's ousted leader viktor yanukovich is the legal president of ukraine and that its letter to russian president but the most potent requesting military intervention justified russian military presence in crimea. he showed the letter j j henry and orkut which led to rush in late february after three months of protests against his rule the latin church and read out during the un security council meeting openly requests putin to use his armed forces to restore peace and stability the third emergency security council meeting in four days came amid fears that the kremlin might carry out war land grabs in for a work in eastern ukraine. i the union and more. you can. what was it. i do. chewed on continuing to
Mar 3, 2014 11:00am PST
state john kerry warned that russia could lose its membership in the g eight world economic group and face sanctions if it doesn't pull back the us the uk and france announced they would not attend the g eight meeting is scheduled to take place in sochi. the new administration in kiev has called up reserve troops and wore a dress that remove its forces from crimea as tensions between the two countries quickly escalate the kremlin has claimed the dress is living in korea and eastern ukraine faced direct stronger revolution in ukraine although there's been no reported attacks targeting russians in the country. xian russia's parliament has approved chris to live in a pretence request to deploy it reached ukraine's crimea peninsula days of two thousand began to seize transport links and government buildings the kremlin's green lights came out of the consents to the quick spritz the lives of the russian federation and our compatriots you authorization to use force would last until the normalization of the safety of the situation it's the same reason that has been used by invading georgia i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)